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  • Everything kept in one easy-to-use APP

  • Nutrition Tracking for all levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

  • Fitness Programs for all levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

  • LIVE educational videos, daily

  • Ability to log Body metrics (weight/measurements/pictures)

  • Bi-weekly assessment reviews done by Kat, upon request

  • Chat 1:1 with Kat, regarding any questions or issues

  • Ability to look at your entire week in review, so you can see where you can get better

  • Free access to 8-week challenges

  • Access to Kat's Facebook group, Team KEG

Option to pay monthly or yearly, no contract & cancel anytime.

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  • The fitness beginner/rookie

  • Lives a sedentary lifestyle

  • Very little nutritional knowledge

  • Needs to make a change for health purposes (physical, mental, emotional)


  • The dedicated fitness amateur

  • Lives a fairly active lifestyle

  • Knows the basics of nutrition

  • Wants to improve athletic performance and/or body composition

Lifestyle Coaching

Group Coaching $12.99/mo

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1:1 Intensive Coaching