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For you, living an active lifestyle in not only a necessity, but a passion. You know the basics of nutrition, and you look forward to moving your body everyday.

This has been a routine for a while,

but now you've decided to

take it to the next level.

You want to see the consistency in your nutrition and training, that yields improved strength and performance.

You're not a professional athlete, however you still take your sport, and/or training just as serious.

Following a plan and adhering to guidelines set for you, gets you excited.

You no longer want to come up with your own regimens; you're ready for your own coach.

The only competition is
who you were yesterday.

How can Intensive Coaching help you?

You're given a nutrition plan that allows you to be flexible with your food choices. This enables the improvements you want to see, while also being sustainable,

for life.

No more thinking about what you're going to do at the gym. You will know what the plan is, days in advance. All you have to do, is execute.

Accountability and feedback.

I am in your corner, helping hold you accountable, as well as providing feedback on your food and lifts, when needed.

Constant tailoring.

We all go through different phases of life. Whether you're super busy, or have all the time in the world, each phase adjusts to YOU and your circumstances.

I'm not here just for you to fit into a smaller size. I'm here to get you healthier, and stronger, than you've ever been.

Healthy Food


Your biggest

You know the basics already. You just want to leave the fine-tuning to a professional.

A nutrition plan will be developed specifically for you, your needs, and your goals.

Portion sizes, macro tracking, nutrient timing, etc. We will work together to find the best plan that gets you the results you're looking for, through an evidence based approach.

There is no one-size-fits-all method.

You're an athlete.

If you're looking for a coach to hold you accountable, even if it means receiving a little bit of tough love when you need it, you've come to the right place.

For you, nutrition can be really exciting. There are so many options, depending on the phases of training you're in.

We can adjust food as the different phases come and go.

Just a few options..

  • Creating simple lifestyle habits

  • Portion sizing

  • Macro tracking

  • Nutrient timing

  • A mixture of these tools



What does a strength program look like, for you? Well, what are you wanting to achieve? Are you looking for something specific, or are you wanting to be an overall well-rounded athlete? Whatever it may be, we tailor it just for you.

I don't do cookie cutter programs. I look at your life, your biopsychosocial factors, and design a program specifically for your needs.

Time to get stronger.

Progressive Overload

The only way to make progress in fitness, and continue to make progress, is applying the principle of Progressive Overload.

Meaning, every month, you will be assigned a new phase that takes your training to the next level.

This also means that you won't be seeing a randomized mixture of workouts.

In order to get better at something, you must do that thing often.

This is what produces results.

Demonstration videos for every warm-up, exercise, and stretch.

Untitled design-10.png

About the app

You have the ability to write down what exactly you did, and how you felt while you were doing the movement.

All data entered, is saved into your exercise history, for you to reference anytime.

Untitled design-11.png
Untitled design-10.png

Full transparency between us, so I can give you appropriate feedback, or adjust the program if needed.

Untitled design-13.png

It takes time to take your training to the next level. That's why the requirement is a commitment of

6 months, minimum. After the initial 6 months have passed, you will have an option to choose

month to month.

I'm not giving up on you, and you aren't giving up on me.

You are investing your precious time, and well-earned dollars into becoming the healthiest, and strongest version of yourself.

Here are your options.

Nutrition ONLY


Nutrition & Training



1:1 Intensive Coaching is not for the"I think I'm ready" type of people;

it's for the "I know I'm ready, and I'm going to make it happen" types.

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