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For you, improving your health may not only be a desire, but a necessity.

You can't keep living the way you have been.

Your body, and mind, can only take so much more of this.

Something has to change.

If there's a voice in your head screaming "YES",

then you are absolutely right.

Liking what you see in the mirror would be great,

but your biggest priority lies much deeper,

beneath the surface.

The better we take care of our body, the better our body takes care of us right back.

How can Intensive Coaching help you?

You're met where you currently are, at this very moment.

We work in small steps, starting out simple, and sustainable. The pace of the steps is all dependent on you, and your comfortability.

You have me in your corner, helping hold you accountable, every step of the way.

I tailor my coaching techniques, to how you learn and respond best.

Whether you need more empathetic support, or a little bit of tough love, I'm your girl.

You will not only learn what to do, but also the why behind it all.

This isn't just a "here you go, follow the plan, and good luck" type of coaching. My goal is to help you thoroughly understand how to eat and move, for your individual goals, so that you're able to continue on your own, long after our time of working together is complete.

Healthy Food


Your biggest

Nutrition is the biggest catalyst you could have, when it comes to achieving results, no matter your goal.

If you think about it, exercise comes and goes. Some days we hit well over the 10k step-goal, and others, not even close.

But when it comes to nutrition, you're already eating every single day.

No matter if you're having a busy day or not, by the time you rest your head on your pillow at night, you consumed some type and amount of food.

It could have been spread out evenly throughout your day, over several meals, or it could have been through one giant meal when you got home.. either way, you ate food.

So, since you're already eating, you might as well learn how to adjust what you eat, for your benefit. Right?

Here's the deal..
If you're looking for a quick way to lose 30lbs in 30 days, I am
not the coach for you.
But, if you're looking to learn simple, and sustainable ways to create a healthier lifestyle for you, and your family, then we can talk.

I work with women who..

  • are busy moms, that can't seem to make themselves a priority.

  • work a corporate 9-5 job, and highly depend on caffeine to make it through

  • do shift work for 12+hrs, and rarely have access to a microwave, let alone a decent kitchen

  • are doing everything they can just to survive, instead of thrive

If you've ever looked into Nutrition Coaching, or maybe followed a Coach on social media, you may have seen or heard that tracking macros is the answer for changing your weight. This is false.

While I do believe that is a great tool, it is not the appropriate tool for everyone

We work on a continuum here, at KEG Fitness. We start out simple, yet effective, and only move the dial when, and if needed.

You will learn the the importance of food, from the macronutrient content it holds, to how much of it you should be consuming, according to your goals.



What does a strength program look like, for you? And yesI said strength, because my goal isn't just to get you to a certain size, or number on the scale. It's to get you strong, in every aspect.

So the answer? It depends!

I don't do cookie cutter programs. I look at your life, your biopsychosocial factors, and design a program specifically for you needs.

Strong is the new skinny, and it's staying that way.

I work with women who..

  • Are still recovering from a past injury

  • Can barely walk to the end of their street without feeling exhausted

  • have limited equipment, and/or space

  • are ready to start integrating free weights

  • want to learn how to get under a barbell

When I say this program is designed specifically for YOU, I mean it.

The only way to make progress in fitness, and continue to make progress, is applying the principle of Progressive Overload.

Meaning, every month, you will be assigned a new phase that takes your training to the next level.

This also means that you won't be seeing a randomized mixture of workouts.

In order to get better at something, you must do that thing often.

This is what produces results.

Demonstration videos for every warm-up, exercise, and stretch.

Untitled design-10.png

About the app

You have the ability to write down what exactly you did, and how you felt while you were doing the movement.

All data entered, is saved into your exercise history, for you to reference anytime.

Full transparency between us, so I can give you appropriate feedback, or adjust the program

if needed.

It takes time to learn, and master a new skill. That's why the requirement is a commitment of

6 months, minimum. After the initial 6 months have passed, you will have an option to choose

month to month.

I'm not giving up on you, and you aren't giving up on me.

You are investing your precious time, and well-earned dollars into becoming the healthiest, and strongest version of yourself.

Here are your options.

Nutrition ONLY


Nutrition & Training



1:1 Intensive Coaching is not for the"I think I'm ready" type of people;

it's for the "I know I'm ready, and I'm going to make it happen" types.

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