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One fierce mother..

There’s something miraculous that happens inside of you when you’re about to bring life into this world. The transition from who you’ve been the past however many years, to this new person that you don’t quite fully know yet. You experience a shift in the air around you, but it’s not from external things. It’s this gust of wind the comes from within you, blowing away any sense of uncertainty. Not uncertainty from a chapter you haven’t walked yet, but from this undeniable new set of instincts that now consume you.

The girl that walked the halls looking at the ground is now the women who walks with her head up high, noticing anything and everything around her.

The girl that rarely stood up for herself and just accepted what she was told is now the woman who questions and researches everything, especially concerning her child.

The girl that once was an average consumer and bought anything is now the woman who ensures the quality of the items she brings into her home.

The girl who once let her vehicle run low on oil, run low on fuel and run low on air in her tires all at the same time is now the woman who will not let that happen with a

family to care for.

The girl that once tolerated toxic people and toxic friendships/relationships is now the woman who will not hesitate to say no to anything that brings her family harm.

This next chapter may be unknown territory, but take reassurance in knowing that this new woman you’re becoming is one fierce mother. 😉

- kat

📸 Taylor Salerno Photography
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