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The best, affordable Instant Coffee Machine

Updated: Feb 25

Product Review: If you're a Latte fanatic like me, you must get one of these!

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus (direct links listed below)

Boy, have my taste buds changed. When I was younger, I had ZERO idea why my dad would drink coffee every morning. I told myself, and my parents, that I’d never be into coffee. The smell, the taste.. no, thank you!

I’m so glad that changed. 🤣 I still wouldn’t drink straight black coffee, like my dad did, however if it’s zhuuzhed (you know what I'm trying to say) up a bit, gimme it! I've gone from zero coffee, to super sweet, sugar filled, white chocolate mochas from Starbucks, and now I’ve turned into a Latte fanatic. The Vanilla Latte to be exact.

Over the past few years, I’ve tested out different coffee machines at home. It all started with the Keurig, like most people do, right? I was on that train for the longest time, until I started living life with a newborn. 😵‍💫

First Coffee Machine

Suddenly, I needed that special time to myself in the morning. Even if the baby was awake (of course it seemed like she always was), I at least could spend a few minutes making that perfect cup of coffee before starting the chaotic day. I ended up investing ($$$$) in the Breville Barista Touch. I read reviews and figured it could give me my fancy latte, without it being too complicated.. because how hard is a touch screen, right?

I LOVED it.. at first. I didn’t quite get the hang of how to do latte art, but I loved how it ground the beans, how I had to tamp the grounds into the espresso pods, and then I’d steam the milk on the other side.. the whole shabang. It felt so fancy, and it was awesome.

But then, a couple months went by, and I grew tired of it. What I thought it would bring me a few minutes of joy, ended up becoming 5+ minutes of work. And that’s just for an espresso/latte. Every now and then I would get the urge for just a normal cup of coffee with a splash of creamer, all with a push of a button. But that wasn't possible.

Back to Square One

I ended up selling my Barista Touch, and returned back to the ole trusty Keurig. It may not be nearly as fancy as the Breville, but it was something I didn't have to work too hard on for a cup of coffee.

I stuck with the Keurig for the remainder of 2022. A couple months ago, I had yet another big urge to find a different coffee maker. One that could make my lattes, without a lot fo work involved. I skimmed through other peoples Instagram stories to see what they were using, and I finally decided to test out a Nespresso.

The BEST Coffee Machine

I ended up buying the Nespresso Vertuo Plus off of Amazon. I'm happy to say that after a couple months of use, this bad boy is the literal best!!! It makes the perfect latte, shot of espresso, cup of coffee.. whatever you want. It’s as simple to use as a Keurig, but fancy enough to be an espresso maker, just MUCH more affordable.

I got the bundle deal, that comes with both the Nespresso machine and the milk frother. Take it from me.. if you can get both, do it! It’s so worth it.

The only down side I’ve found is that the specific pods needed for this machine aren’t as abundant in stores, so I usually order most of mine off of Amazon, or the Nespresso app. This is my current selection, since I'm pregnant.. half-calf pods. I'm sure as the time goes on, and it gets more popular, the shelves will start filling up, but for right now.. pod subscriptions are the way to go.

Let me know what you think!

The links provided above are affiliate links, in which I do get a little kickback if you purchase directly through them. I won't ever make a recommendation that I have not tested or do not believe in. I'm a mama who likes good stuff, and even more-so if its a good deal. 😜

If you enjoyed this short review, please let me know by giving it a thumbs up! If you plan on getting this, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

- Kat

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