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KEG Fitness turned KEG Lifestyle

Welcome to KEG Lifestyle!

Always growing.

If you've followed me for awhile, you already know that the past couple years have been filled with all things fitness. From one on one nutrition coaching and developing individualized exercise programs, to coaching groups and classes both online and locally, I've strictly stuck to this niche. I've stuck to it so much that when I would even think about talking about something other than fitness, I would feel as if I wasn't supposed to or as if I didn't really belong. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE this health and fitness world and will always be a part of it. I just know that I have so much more to share with the world than how to eat for your goals or performing the perfect barbell deadlift.

With that being said, I am venturing out of this "box" I put myself in.

What should you expect?

Honestly, a little bit of everything. I will always have a passion for Health & Fitness, so there will always be Health & Fitness programs, posts and possible e-books in the future. Now that we will have a new addition to the Gonzalez family pretty soon, that area will expand into more of the "Wellness" atmosphere also. There are no limits when it comes to this!

A blog will be in the list of things to expect also. My mind runs 24/7 it seems like, and Instagram and Facebook just don't cut it with all the space and creativity I need sometimes. Thoughts, experiences, and plenty of links will be written and shared, because I know I'm not the only one who finds personal stories so dang helpful.

Many people don't know this, but I can get super crafty. I like to draw, paint, build, etc. It may be due to my recent nesting phase, but I have SO missed being creative. I have also learned that there are so many nursery/home decor items that are overpriced, when I could easily make it for half the price, if not lower. I'm talking big name chain stores and not small-businesses found on Etsy and such. I'm all for paying hard-working people what they deserve. With that being said, you'll see a variety of items in the future when you hit "shop". Hand-made/crafted items like clothing, jewelry, home/nursery decor and others will be on the list.

The limit simply doesn't exist.. a point. lol. What I mean to say is that this company/platform was created so that I could do it all. I can share my knowledge on exercise and nutrition. I can share my thoughts about anything and everything. I can share my experiences in hopes to better help guide you in similar situations, if you're needing it. I can make your home a little brighter and more sentimental by creating little things that add warmth.

My goal is to create a silver lining for you, through my knowledge and education, thoughts, experiences and the home-made little things.

Here's to new adventures!

- Kat

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